Road Trip.

14 Oct

Acrostic poems. I forgot how much I love writing them. They used to be my speciality in primary school. Whoever invented = genius. Acrostic poems are the ‘Betty Crocker packet mix’ in the poem world. They deliver the goods, whilst making you feel like you have ‘created’ a masterpiece.

Over the long weekend, I hit the Great Ocean Road….

Gradients of blue & green.
Road trip with 5 gal pals.
Endless banter
Arguments over the rules pertaining to ‘car games’ – No, Edible Panties is not defined as a food & Yes Slovakia is a country not a Greek Dish.
The 12 Apostles or were there 10? secretly I believe I saw 2 Apostles from 6 different vantage points

One diseased cockatoo – most bizarre thing I have ever seen
Countless hours of Destiny’s Child (the only CD we had)
Enveloped in the landscape.
Amazing Race. Yes, there were times where we pretended we were on the show
Night time munchies. Freddo Frogs. Shape Sensations. Paddlepops.

Rugged landscape. I continually felt like I was in a car commercial.
Ordering Breakfast with Fellow Food Friends = Decision-anxiety/Food envy
Admittedly, my impulse ‘Indie’ shoes that I bought were ugly & unnecessary
Double Spoiler. Yes, we drove around in a zooped up electric blue car. Thank you Hertz..


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