It’s time to go…

21 Oct





A truck pulls up on our drive way. Men start to unload clocks of all sizes. Grandfather clocks. Cuckoo clocks. Sun clocks. My mother begins to irrationally scream. My father creepily smiles.

Long story short…my dad recently inherited his clients entire clock collection. Don’t get me wrong my dad already has a clock collection of his own. Actually come to think of it one may describe him as a chronic collector  – his collections include:  wine, plates, shotglasses, autographs, stamps, beer mugs, daughters & recently antique chinese ceramic bowls.

To escape from a female-dominate household (x4 women), dad (renamed ‘Susie’ to fit in with the girls) has created a ‘clock room’.  As fights break out about about ‘hair straighter usage’, ‘borrowed dresses’ and ‘missing makeup’…dad will quietly saunter into his clock room and just, well, putter around.

Back to the ‘clock inheritance’ situation– The unsynchronised of the clocks drove us mad. Ticking, Tocking, Cuckooing, Booming all at different hours & minutes. It literally drove us mental. It was time for them to go. Unwillingly, dad culled his clock collection down….however, the ‘room’ still houses over 50!

I guess, it got me thinking about collections and why people collect. There is often a fine line between collecting and a chronic hoarder. May collecting is an element of human instincts- hunting/gathering? or maybe it gives people a sense of purpose? Either way –  People collect strange & bizarre objects from toe nails in jars to Justin Bieber paraphernalia.

I believe the collecting gene can also be ‘inherited’:

1. Personally, I may come into the category of a hoarder….I love to keep memorabilia- old tickets, concert wristbands,planet tickets,love  letters (still in the post).

2. My sister Pre- collected apple stickers and used to stick them on the shower door (I have no idea why?!)

3. My youngest sister Alisha-  collected spoons (as a child, she would steal spoons out of family/friends drawers and hide them in a shoebox). Only recently was this ‘collection’ discovered. *** Apologies – to anyone who experienced a sudden disappearance of their teaspoons between the years 1998-2000. ***

Collections. Slighty addictive, but so very satisfying.


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