Girl Talk

28 Oct

Scene: 3 friends sitting at a cafe eating an amazing breakfast

Girl 1: ‘Wait! Let’s check into foursquare app, I want to become Mayor here’

Girl 2: Yeah, I’m just on fb, checking to see if my bf wrote on my wall

Girl 3: I need to tweet to tell everyone how amazing these pancakes are  Girl 5 enters: Sorry I’m late my GPS lost signal & I couldn’t find the place!

No longer are blackberry’s the product of a hard day berry picking, no longer is writing on someone’s wall considered destructive behaviour and no longer is a ‘tweet’ referring to a blue birds early morning song…times have changed.  Don’t get me wrong – I too, fb chat, ‘check in’ & shazaam….but at the risk of sounding like a 24 yr old grandma – I believe the value placed on a good conversation is diminishing.

I believe that the images I have captured above encapsulate this heart-felt notion of good conversation that perhaps along with the old school glass milk bottles and hypercolor t-shirts…

So I put it to you….take the time and have one really good convo today….give those fingers a break and look into someone’s eyes (Apologise- that sounded  kind of creepy…)


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