Moments I’d rather forget.

21 Nov

Whether they know it or not – Everybody has a prime place to think. Mindless thinking whilst driving. Reflective thinking whilst sitting on the beach. Contemplative thinking whilst on the toilet. For me, my favourite place to think is on a swing. Often, I go for ‘walks’, only finding myself  on the playground swingset near my house.  This might seem a little creepy- but I promise its not my attempt to re-create my own Michael Jackson’s Neverland. It’s something about the combination of continuous momentum and the sensation of flying that provides inspiration for my best ‘thinking’ work.

So the other day, as I was swinging…I began to think of some moments that I would rather forget.

1. Left my car in drive..rolled down the street and hit my neighbours car. I’m sorry Keven Morris.

2. Rode my bike down a flight of stairs & split my head open…. no it was not a jack-ass ‘stunt’…i actually thought it was possible. The scar still remains. To my defence I was only three years old.

3. Tried to ‘wax’ my own upper lip (using a hairdryer to heat the wax)-  I was left with a ‘moustache- looking’ 2nd degree burn for two weeks… and was not my attempt to part-take in ‘Movember’. (FYI: Copius amounts of Vitamin E ensured no scarring).

4. I recently, hired a helium cylinder to blow up some balloons. The valve bumped up against the trolley and the BIGGEST noise you can imagine erupted as the gas violently emit – shoppers thought I was a terroist…they were picking up their kids and running. I was crying.

5. When I burnt my tongue on hot chocolate and instinctively opened the freezer door and stuck my tongue against it to cool it down. 3 seconds later my tongue was stuck to the door…..I lost the ability to taste anything for one whole week. potentially the worst week ever.

There are plenty more. I’m sure I’ll add to the list soon.



One Response to “Moments I’d rather forget.”

  1. panchali December 19, 2010 at 4:26 am #

    Nix, you are toooo funny and mad… and really Sorry to Kevin Morris!!!

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