Unanswered questions.

17 Feb

Points to ponder [things I often wonder]…..

1. How much easier it would be if we could miniaturise cars, put them in our pocket and re-inflate them when needed? No parking =No parking fines = No ugly parking rangers. Brillant.

2. How daylight saving actually works? for the life of me….everytime, I get so confused. Clock backwards or forwards? Where does that ‘lost’ hour go? I can never understand it. I’ve tried diagrams. I’ve tried re-enacting the clock. I still can not grasp it. P.s. apparently, the whole concept is man-made. I repeat- it is not a natural phenomenon.

3. Recently I went to Luna Park – is it just me….or does everyone find those opened-mouth clowns moving their head side-to-side in slow motion petrifying? How did they originate? The inventor of those clowns, obviously had issues. Sicko.

4. Don’t birds ever get tired of flying  miles & miles to migrate? p.s. I also hate birds. Pigeons & Seagulls. Both rats with wings.

5. Admittedly I (just like my mum & sisters) am obsessed with my eyebrows. However, I often wonder are eyebrows considered as facial hair? what function do they perform?

6. Whether it is possible to put on every single item of clothing on in my wardrobe…secretly…yes, I have tried this once. No success. I ended up overheating & experiencing a minor panic attack when I couldn’t get the clothes off fast enough.

7. Why are they called stairs inside, but steps outside? Are they not the same thing?

8. I working for Tip Top bread, yet I still for the life of me can not understand why all toasters have a setting that actually burns toast? do some people out there enjoy ‘black toast’ with their ‘black coffee’ every morning?

If you have some things you always ponder on- hit me back…

Peace out

N x


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