A colourful mother

21 Mar

Are you going to follow your mother’s footsteps? Do you like to ‘create ‘ ? Do you have the artistic gene? Clearly these people did not know that I had to repeat Year 1 due to my inability to paint inside the lines – to this day, I argue that I was attempting ‘abstract art’ – only, I know the truth.

Growing up with a mother who is an abstract artist was …… interesting

Whilst other mothers baked cookies and booked hair appointments, my mum would be running around with a paint stuck to her fringe and sneaking into building sites to obtain pieces of corrugated iron or wood planks….

I believe the moment I realised that my mum was a little ‘different’ was on a family holiday to the USA in 1996. Every tourist, pointed their camera at the grand canyon… but not my mum. She was lying on her stomach, in the dirt, pointing the camera at a rock; “Girls, look at the way the light is falling on this rock”.  I was mortified.

Other key points on growing up with a mother who is an artist;

1. My mother has never followed a recipe. She cooks with colour. Statements such as “This pizza, needs a shade of dark green” or “ This curry needs to look more like the colour of the Sahara desert ” are commonly heard.

2. We could never have a black or grey car. We need to be ‘colourful’. Currently, we drive around a canary (I repeat it is not Mustard) yellow Honda Jazz (I have become immune to bystanders playing ‘spotto’ when seeing my car)

3. Things have a magical way of becoming ‘multi-coloured’ in our house’ . The countless times, I have brushed up against a ‘wet painting’ and gone out with a ‘colourful’ butt or picked up the cordless phone and got paint over my face is innumerable.  Even my dogs get caught in the crossfire – yellow noses, hot pink ‘Mohawks’, purple paws –  not a rarity.

4. Kitchen appliances often go missing. Only to be found in her art shed. (Yes, mum we know that the wok didn’t ‘break’ but you are using it to heat hot wax to pour on your canvases)

Yes, we can laugh at her idiosyncratic artistic tendencies, but growing up with an ‘artist mum’ was fun – drawing on the walls was actively encouraged & spilling food on the table was seen as channelling Pro Hart.

More than that,  I  am constantly inspired by the way my mum lives & breathes her passion…she may be a little ‘different’ but I can honestly say she is damn good at what she does!


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