twenty-somethings, being civil in non-civilisation

3 May

Ok, that title is an over-statement.  I just came back from a girly weekend in Banaglaow (a few km’s outside Byron Bay) – enveloped in lush, rolling hills – it did feel like we had escaped civilisation.

We stayed in my friend A’s beautiful house on her 100 acre farm. Seven of us girls, had exchanged the hustle and bussle of city life for the country (No, there was no pillow fighting or hair curling. But ye, there was ‘giggling’ and screaming at ). Claiming that had totally escaped ‘civilisatoin’ is definietley a fabrication of the truth – we had  2 indusutrial sized ovens, an infinity pool that spilled on to the country side a ‘cinema room’ equipped with comfy bean bags….but their air was fresher, there were cows dotting the horizon and no other humans in sight.

One house. Three nights. Seven girls.

Halfway into Day 2 – Realisation hit me.

Things had changed. Rewind the clock a few years prior & I guarantee you, that we  would have ended up getting insanely intoxicated and recruiting ‘surfie’ boys from Byron back to the house.

A definite hightlight was our ‘cook off’. Preparation, began in the morning, we hours mulling over recipe books. Assigning tasks and writing out shopping lists. We then ventured to the growers markets to buy fresh produce and into town to visit the local fish monger. In the evening prior to our big cook-off, we watched the sunset whilst sipping sauvigion blanc and eating quince paste with  brie cheese.

Seven girls. Seven foodies. One Kitchen.

This was the only time things got a little heated. “you are stirring like a baby”….”is that actually how you are going to caramilse pumpkin seeds”….”Is that smoke coming out of the sticky date pudding?” accusations and criticism bounced uncontrollably around the kitchen. Each of us battling it out for a prime real estate of kitchen bench. Secretly, prentending we were on some reality tv show. All of us, with our ‘high buns’ and short-shorts….It could have actually been a hit on tv.

Needless to say – our dinner turned out to chef-hat quality See the photographic evidence.

Over dinner, we began by discussing how to start our own book club and ABC’s Conversation Hour with Richard Fidler. Don’t get me wrong – we consumed copoius amounts of wine…but for some reason, instead of getting ‘plastered’ we just got more jovial and conversation topics got a little more risque…After dessert, food coma hit us sideways & waddled off to watch a movie. It was all so ‘civilised’….

I know what you are thinking….sounds like we are a bunch of grandma’s & should let our hair down and act ‘our age’. But, in all honesty I  enjoyed every single moment of embracing our inner nerds.

I am truly lucky to have friends who share my love & passion for good food,  wine and conversation!

I tell you what -we’ll have the last laugh – when we are the ‘coolest’ grandma’s out there!


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