Burning Attachments.

10 May

WARNING: This is a quite heavy post – I guess it’s just a reflection of something that has been on my mind…

My house burnt down when I was 3 years old. My parents lost everything. My mum was 8 months pregnant. My dad had just started his own accounting practice. I’m not telling you this to for your sympathy. Hundreds of people lose their houses in fire-related accidents each year. What is important – is what can be learnt through the experience.

That being said, we were never scolded for breaking, destroying or losing anything when we were younger. After my parents experienced losing all their possessions – objects and material items suddenly became secondary. Don’t get me wrong, they still enjoy collecting eclectic objects when traveling or investing in a piece of furniture – it just means, they are not ‘attached’ to them.

Recently, my mum said to me ‘Nix, nothing is permanent, everything is temporary’. I know it sounds a bit morbid & is quite obvious… – but it was a light bulb moment for me. As a society, I believe we hold on to things – we get attached to; material items, negative emotions, memories from the past – such things we carry with us. But what happens if we let go? What happens if we rid ourselves of all our objects? of our past?  of all our attachments? Do we lose our sense of self?

Nothing is permanent – relationships, jobs, finance. It’s an ebb and flow….but nothing remains fixed. For some reason, my mum’s statement really resonated in me – why worry about something that is not permanent.

For my mum and dad, losing their house and all their objects meant it gave them an opportunity to rebuild. Not only the physical rebuilding of a their dream home, but the emotional rebuilding of their relationship together and the rebuilding of their perspective on life in general.

Spring cleaning, dusting off the cob-webs, turning over a new leaf…which ever way you say it, I believe it inherently means to rid yourself of current attachments. Attachments, that may be stopping you from moving forward and living in the moment.

Just something to think about.


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