Fast or slow paced – What’s your cup of tea?

1 Jun

On the weekend Mr J and I went to Kangaroo Valley for a Foodie Tour. It was excellent. (FYI: We saw not a single Kangaroo, but a huge amount of wombats!) We went to Yarawa Estate and picked fresh lemons, avacodos, oranges and these wierd Japanese grapes.  We had wine & cheese. Had homemade pies at Jing Jo (website) and continued to Kangaroo Valley Olives and saw how olives are made (FYI: no such thing as ‘black olives, they are injected with dye’). Favourite stop was the fudge store- a man who used to be a retail manager at Woolies, just extracted himself and his family from the city smog and re-planted his in the small town of Kangaroo Valley. Needless to say, after countless ‘taste testings’ we boarded the Foodscape on massive sugar high. 

Let’s rewind back to the first stop of the tour – The Berry Tea Shop (website). It is run by an Italian woman who came from a family of Italian coffee lovers and had a cafe in Sydney. She married an englishman. After living the crazy life of owning a cafe and an Italian restuarant, she traded it all in to live with her husband and create a gorgeous Tea shop in the quaint country town of Berry. 

The whole experience led to me contemplating 2 things…
1. The decision so many people make to leave city life for the country (Will save this for another time, but if you get a chance listen to the ABC Conversation Hour podcast called ‘Living on an Island” website)
2. How the rituals, pace & mindset underlying the consumption of tea and coffee differs immensly.

Mr J was quite uneasy about the fact that he had to forgo his daily morning coffee for tea. He was literally captive. The kind lady at Berry tea shop, gave us a prviate talk on all the teas. Meanwhile, Mr J’s eyes darted out the window in search of the nearest coffee machine.

‘Let’s have a cuppa’, ‘Going to make myself a tea’ ‘Have a tea and relax’…these are phrases that we link to tea.

I personally, punctuate my day with a cup of tea- one in the morning, one mid-morning and on the afternoon. “I’ll make a tea after I finish this..” or “Before I start this let me make a tea” It’s a reward or psychological relaxant after/before completing small milestones. 

Brewing a pot of tea, and sharing it with friends. High teas. Tea Parties. It makes me happy.

The ritual behind tea, is comforting. Tea soothes, calms and relaxes. The jiggling of the tea bag/tea leaves, watching the milk swirl its way through. Its therapeutic. 

‘The buzz’, ‘I cant function without it’, ‘I need it’ …these are all phrases that our city life implictly links to coffee.

 Coffee, on the other hand takes is usually consumed with great speed and intention. It is linked to productivity, on-the-go, rush hour. Furiously sipping out of the take away cup nozzle. Coffee cups are symbolic of living in the city, communiting to work and being ‘supercharged’. Celebrities are always photographed with a ‘Starbucks’. It’s cool. 

Flirting with the barista. Holding the styrophone cup. Frantically, walking to the office. I’m on a mission. It makes me happy.

Coffee or Tea. Both Hot. Both can be taken with Milk. Yet, very different.

Just something to think about…over a cuppa.


One Response to “Fast or slow paced – What’s your cup of tea?”

  1. Karina June 20, 2011 at 10:42 am #

    Love a good cuppa tea buddy!

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