Saying goodbye to the 2076 Hood.

1 Aug

10 things I will miss….

1. The bush turkey’s roaming the streets (and the occasional echidna)

2.  Tom the Green grocer & his ‘pick n mix’ & ice-cream selection (yes mum, that’s where the change went when I bought the milk & bread)

3. Junction Lane (the no through road on the side of our house)- with the perfect downward gradient – the ultimate place for riding bikes, home-made billy carts, razor scooters and rollerblades…

4. Dodgy Don – the infamous North Shore alcohol supplier to under 18’s.

5. Spying on the ‘undercover’ drug circle, headed by a 30 year old ranga (yes – he has orange hair, still lives with his mum and has illegal car parts scattered on his lawn)

6. Referring to my hood as the ‘2076’

7. The neighbor calling me to tell me to shut my blinds (because she can see me dancing…naked- Yes it has happened…multiple times)

8. The sound of dirt bikes revving their way to Golden Jubilee at 1am in the morning (Kurin-gai council if you are reading this, I am NOT happy with the plan to build a world class dirt bike ramp on jubilee – not cool)

9. The 20 second stroll to the Hampden “restaurant’ strip – Cozy Thai & La Zana (Spying/watching my sister Alisha, get fired from La Zana was a definite highlight)

10. Knowing how to get home…..with my directional incapability, I can sense the number of ‘getting lost’ situations rising exponentially…

Oh, one more thing –apologies to those teenagers who I yelled at the other day (They were making noise & were being generally disruptive – So I yelled out my window “Shut up & go back to your homes, I will tell your mother’s”). Anyways.…I promise I’m not a bitter and twisted old woman…something inside of me died, when I realised that my days of riding the curbside, making mud pies and eating ice-blocks in the summer sun.

2076 you will be missed.


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