Part 4: 34 Westbrook – Hinges, doorknobs and rimming….

7 Aug


It is often the small things that go unnoticed.

I find it fascinating. I have woken up in the same room for 22 years. I’ve brushed my teeth in the same bathroom and sat in the same position on our family dining table. Despite all these things being literally in front of my eyes every day – I still cant recall the small details – I couldn’t tell you the design of tiles in our bathroom, which piece of art is currently hanging in our main dining room  (to my defence, this changes regularly – this comes with living with an artist) or even the colour of our living room blinds (off-white, caramel…or are they wooden slats….) I haven’t a clue.

It is only natural that things in your immediate environment, become routine, familiar and ordinary –  you become desensitised. Your eyes see it, but there is no association in your mind. It is just…there.

It is only until… things start to change, to move, to disappear – that you suddenly become more perceptive and alert to the smaller details.

Being confronted with the reality of moving out, the details of my home are emerging from the woodwork (excuse the pun). As we ‘style’ our house for prospective buyers, de-clutter  and tidy our home is changing. Has that always been there? Something is missing from the garden, but I don’t know what it is? Has that wall always been teal blue? This has nothing to do with my short-sightedness, or my non-observant behavioural trait. I mean, I’m no Sherlock Holmes, but analysing each room to ensure optimal ‘presentation’, had really made me open my eyes.

Dad made a comment “Shame, our bathrooms are not tiled all the way to the ceiling?” “I wonder whether the brick wall in the study will be an issue?”- Alarm bells went off. Really? In 22 yrs, despite using the same shower and spending endless hours in the study – I’ve never noticed the tiles or the brick wall. I guess, it’s because, there was no need to take notice.

I believe this idea can be extended to people. We see people as an entire being (seeing them as a sum of their parts), that is, until things change – they may move away or they may pass away….then you force yourself to remember each mole, the smell of their perfume and their hair colour… as you rack your brain to hold onto the details, it becomes evident how the ‘smaller things’, aren’t so ‘small’ anymore – instead they have become significant.

Moral: Stop and the smell the roses. Take in the little details.

Just a thought!


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