The awkward moment when…

17 Aug

The awkward moment when you realise you have had a piece of  green parsley in between your teeth…for the last 2 hrs.

The awkward moment when you go to introduce someone and ….your mind goes blank.

The awkward moment when you order the ‘usual’ to the cute barista and he has no idea what you are talking about (Matteo, if you are reading this – Do I have an unforgettable face/personality? Or did you just enjoy watching me get embarrassed? After 5 yrs of uni, you still asked for my name & coffee…every morning)

The awkward moment when you say goodbye to someone then walk the same direction.

The awkward moment when you start cheering wildly, only to realise you have just watched an instant replay.

The awkward moment when you think someone is waving to you….but they are waving at someone behind.

The awkward moment which you reach into your pocket to get your ‘lipgloss’, but instead pull out your female sanitary item (ok, this happened to me last week,  it was absolutely mortifying!!).

Awkward moments are inescapable. They are unexpected. There is no warning. Take comfort in the fact that they happen to everyone (well…nearly everyone….maybe not the Queen or Opera).

All of the above  are personal experiences – all of which have happened multiple times.  You never become desensitised, no matter how many times these awkward moments arise, they are each as painful as the next.  Lucky for me, my Indian complexion never allows me to go visibly ‘red’…instead, I just feel the burning heat as it rises up my neck.

One awkward moment, which I have experience repeatedly .… is that my ‘fly’ is always open. No I’m not a pervert – I don’t do it on purpose. I swear it must be my body shape. No matter what brand, what style (high-waisted included), for some reason my fly becomes undone. Yes, I am aware of the zip ‘locking mechanism’ where you push the zip downward. What amazes me is the myriad of ways, people address the ‘open fly’ situation. Some discreetly lock eye contact with me and then look down at my crotch – they stare, until I get the hint. Others, blatantly (and loudly) state “Nix, your fly is undone”.

Even as a pre-teen on a trip to Disney Land in the USA,  the Donald Duck character kept pointing at me, and miming me to ‘do up your fly”.  Obviously I have not grown out of it ; this year, on the morning of  my 25th birthday, my ‘fly situation’ stepped up a notch. As I was pulling up my fly – the zipper snapped, flew off, hit the window & fell into the toilet bowl. I was in a café, needless to say, I spent the day with my fly undone.

True story. All I can say, is lucky I’m not a guy.

So next time you see someone with toilet paper stuck on their shoe, their jumper on backwards or you can see that their toupe is creeping down their forehead to create a second eyebrow……don’t judge, laugh or embarrass them…because next time it could be you!

Feel free to comment with some awkward moments you have faced…


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