Getting to Europe.

15 Oct

Apologies for the short hiatus – I have been wandering (not always in the right direction) through Europe for the last 3 weeks…

The trip was very spontaneous. On the eve of my 25th birthday (very intoxicated, suffering from my quarter life crisis) I sent an email to our family travel agent, requesting a flight to London. The next morning, I had no relocation of sending the email – nevertheless, I confirmed.

I was going to Europe.

After much deliberation, I decided on visiting; London, Paris, Berlin & Stockholm. Being the highly organized, efficient, compulsive ‘list-maker’ I am….I immediately began to ‘research’. I made a collated ‘excel spreadsheet’ for each destination. Separate tabs on sights to see, nightlife & restaurants. Colour coded according to priorities & ‘must see’. Formatted so when printed it looked like a ‘book’. Yes, I have heard of Lonely Planet. That is irrelevant. My research ‘manual’ was personalised and admittedly, awesome. Side note: Feel free to hit me up if you want this ‘Eurotrip 2011’ list (

I love traveling.

I love the constant stimulation of the senses. New sights, smell’s, sounds. Street signs, people walking dogs, tall buildings…things that are normally classified in my daily life as mundane suddenly become ‘cool’ and ‘photo worthy’. I love the way travel allows us to transcend routine and feel like we can take on anything. – wish you could bottle that and spray into your normal everyday life…ready to take risks.

For the next few posts, I want to share some of the highlights from my trip (there really were hardly any lowlights….ok, maybe struggling with the German U-Bahn transportation system, repeated mis-identification of currency…getting dirty looks from Parisian’s as I repeatedly tried to pay with pounds by accident & the nauseous feeling of one too many cinnamon buns in Sweden), also want to share some random insights & thoughts that caught my interest along the way…

Let me first rant about my main negative experience of the trip, just to get it out of the way.

Whilst, I love traveling, I hate airplanes. I am not scared of flying. I just hate certain elements of experiences.

Top hates:

  • Security detector – EVERY time, one of us got pulled up – Racial profiling…admittedly did have a large scissor in my hand luggage from Swedish designer…got taken away. Sorry mum.
  • Lighting system – makes you feel like a caged animal. Lights on, you must eat. Lights off, you must sleep.
  • Neck paralysation (aka Dead Neck) – no matter how you (solution: bought a fugly neck pillow
  • The ‘tray shuffle’ – For some reason, you always need to go to the bathroom when the meal has just been served – the awkward tray shuffle – drinks are spilt & muscles are torn. Need I say more.
  • Goldfish Syndrome – the open and closing of your mouth as you attempt to rebalance your ears and make them ‘pop’. It is not a pretty sight.
  • Immaculate Airhostesses – how they remain looking fresh & composed throughout the flight annoys me. Meanwhile, my hair looks like a rats nest and my top is almost always top with melted chocolate (I make it a point to ALWAYS travel with chocolate- preferably peanut m&m’s!)

Some interesting characters I spotted on board

  • Matching tracksuit couple – This couple wore matching purple Nike tracksuits, pulled out matching novels and wore matching blue headphones. No not sweet, slightly creepy.
  • Lady who spent 5 hrs (no joke) cutting a dragonfruit…with a small plastic airplane knife. Wierdest part: She didn’t even eat it in the end. New hobby? Who knows.
  • Chronic Snorer – we all know a snorer, but this guy was horrible. I could hear him over the airplane engine. I could hear him over the movie I was watching. It sounded like a dying animal.

Solution: Continue traveling, but start a new career in teleportation research….


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