Baby Feet

28 Jan



My sister has a foot phobia. I don’t mean like a slight aversion to feet. I mean that she is actually afraid of them and actively avoids them in all situations. She wears socks…all the time. I went to the movies with her the other day (it’s the middle of summer) and she quickly threw off her thongs & proceeded to put on some socks. I’ve asked her why she hates them so much…she says she can’t explain, but the sight of feet make her feel sick.


What she hates even more is when people have to touch her feet. She avoided getting new sneakers for months as she didn’t want to have to try new ones. When forced to get a pedicure for my cousins wedding, she sat there mute and turned a pale colour.


Her phobia, provides great ammunition & black mail. Numerous times, I have just put my feet on her when I want the channel on the tv changed. It works every time.


I do not have the same foot phobia. Meeting my baby cousin for the first time, last week….I was immediately infatuated with his tiny feet. Baby feet are just adorable. Something about the tiny toes and podgy sole. Honestly, I just wanted to eat them, they were so cute (not in a literal sense!). The way the toes curled & arched when he was excited..


Anyways, just thought I’d share these pics…





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