Falling. Stacking. Tripping. It hurts.

6 Jun

It hurts – physically, emotionally and sometimes it can also hurt you socially. I will explain further to that point in a minute.

I fell twice in one night on the weekend. My right heel got caught in the left lace (yes, my heels had laces- think SJP in Sex & the City) and I fell in front of all the diners of a classy restaurant. Stifled laughter, a few snorts …. followed by superficial ‘Are you ok?’ ‘Do you need ice”..”ooh, your knee is blending’.

These are what I call ‘pull your head in moments’. It always happens when you are strutting your stuff, feeling on top of the world. Out of nowhere you trip on your own feet (moments like this, I wish I only had one foot).

Memorable stacks in my life:

1. I was six years old & at Coffs Harbour beach resort: Got $2 from my dad to buy an ice-cream. Donning a big smile and slightly salivating, I walked with my Peters ‘heart-shaped ice-cream’ on the edge of the pool, to get to my beach chair. Before, I knew it I was submerged in water. I had stacked it into the pool….with the ice-cream. I still remember the pain. Hotel guests, pointed at me. Even my parents were laughing at me. I cried. To this day I am still scarred. I am yet to eat a heart shaped ice-cream. It hurt me mentally.

2. First year Uni:  I walking down the main avenue at Sydney University. It was Autumn. A massive maple leave swooped down from the tree and some how got attached to my face. I couldn’t see. I freaked out. I stacked it. Books, pens, other sanitary items spilt everywhere. My bonds underwear was on show. I was mortified. What are the chances of a giant leaf hitting target on my face? It hurt me physically

3.Second year University: against the warning of my ‘friend’, I decided to take a ‘short ‘cut’ down the steep hill. I started running down it, I couldn’t stop running. Gravity got the best of me and I literally stomach-surfed my way to the cafe. I was literally covered in mud. My ‘friend’ Miracuriously disappeared. Five years on, I am still yet locate her. It hurt me socially.



Dust yourself off, get up and keep walking.


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